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The Downtown Everett Association focuses on specific priorities geared toward injecting new life into Everett's historic central core. Our priorities are proven methods for rejuvenating urban areas.

  • Create a safe and clean environment
  • Keep members educated and informed
  • Provide representation to media and government
  • Enhance quality business and commerce
  • Encourage residential development
  • Support long-term parking solutions

    Downtown Parking Petition

    In May 2008, the City of Everett received the results of a $100,000 parking study completed by Barney & Worth. The study contained key recommendations for managing existing parking resources and creating future public parking facilities. Many downtown Everett stakeholders have endorsed several of the study's recommendations and have petitioned the City to implement them. To learn more about the petition and the supporting newspaper articles it references, click on the links below. The Downtown Everett Association does not endorse or oppose this effort.

    Petition, Part 1 - Referenced Articles

    Downtown Everett Stakeholders Petition - Part 1
    Referenced Articles - Part 1

    Petition, Part 2 - Referenced Articles

    Downtown Everett Stakeholders Petition - Part 2
    Referenced Articles - Part 2

    Supporting Signatories

    List of Petition Signatories

    (Response from City of Everett, to follow)

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