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Everpark Garage Everpark Garage

The Everpark Garage is located at 2815 Hoyt Avenue between Hewitt and California. The garage is well lighted and has lovely landscaping on Hoyt and California. There is a breezeway with a beautiful sculpture and flower garden on level two, connecting the garage to businesses on Colby Avenue.

Tax included in all prices for monthly and daily parking.

Monthly parking fees are:

$55.00       Roof, gated

$70.00       Covered, non-gated

$75.00       Covered, gated on level one

Free parking after 6pm and on weekends

Hourly fees are:

$2.00       0-2 hours

$5.00       2-4 hours

$8.00       4+ hours

For monthly pass information, call 425-252-7888 between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.


The City of Everett and personnel of the Everpark Garage are not responsible for losses due to vandalism to or theft of automobiles or any other personal property. We caution patrons to lock their vehicles and keep pilferable items out of sight. However, we cannot assure anyone that these measures will be effective in preventing physical damage or loss of property. Although certain sections of the Everpark Garage are gated, these areas should not be assumed to be completely secure.

Everett Parking Rules

For a copy of Everett's parking rules, click here.

Everett Downtown Parking Survey 2008

Parking is vital to the success of Everett’s downtown. The Everett Downtown Parking Management Study examined parking conditions and explored future solutions. As an early step, the City of Everett captured the views of downtown business owners and other employers in the central business district.

Participants completed a survey and returned it to Barney & Worth, Inc., 1211 SW 5th Avenue, suite 1140, Portland, OR 97204; Fax 503-274-7955 (www.barneyandworth.com). Click here for the results of the first parking survey.

Click electronic polling results to see some of the information provided by attendees at the interactive forums held at the Weyerhaeuser Room. The forums were conducted by Barney and Worth and sponsored by the City of Everett, Downtown Everett Association, Everett Area Chamber of Commerce - Click here to see part of the presentation.

For questions, please contact Ryan Sass, P.E., City of Everett, 3200 Cedar Street, Everett WA 98201 - 425-257-8800 - Fax 425-257-8856 - rsass@ci.everett.wa.us

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