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Graffiti is a Serious Problem

The Downtown Everett Association has launched an anti-graffiti campaign, providing a special emphasis on elimination of graffiti in and around downtown Everett. Below is the postcard to be distributed to businesses and property owners within the BIA boundaries and the nearby area.
Everett, Washington Everett, Washington
The primary goal of this campaign is to encourage removal of graffiti within 24 hours. Prompt removal has proven to be the most effective deterrent to graffiti and tagging. While the campaign primarily targets businesses and property owners, the postcard will also be distributed to non-profit organizations and cultural attractions, such as the Everett Public Library. Hopefully, these organizations will join in the effort.

What Do Graffiti Look Like?
Graffiti have a negative impact on the entire community. Whether it is called “art”, tagging or “spilling ink”, it’s an eye sore and a crime. Taggers typically ply their trade in the dark, are rarely seen, and are hard to catch. However, their crime is left in the open for all to see. Everett, Washington Everett, Washington Everett, Washington Everett, Washington Everett, Washington Everett, Washington

What You Can Do
The key to graffiti prevention is the combination of community involvement, targeted law enforcement action, youth involvement, and using both the criminal and civil legal processes. Consider the following:
Residential property owners should report graffiti by calling the City of Everett's Graffiti Hotline at 425-257-URIT (8748). Residential properties hit by graffiti may be eligible to participate in the City of Everett's Graffiti Removal Pilot Project. To be included in the project, the graffiti must be visible to the public. Commercial properties within the BIA are served by its cleaning crews who mount an effective response to vandals and graffiti artists. If you notice any graffiti on a commercial building within the BIA, call the Everet Police Department's Tip Line at 425-257-8450.

  • Remove graffiti as soon as possible - It is easiest within the first 24 hours
  • Apply anti-graffiti coating to surfaces whenever possible for easier removal
  • Stop rooftop access by moving cars, dumpsters and keep pallets away from buildings
  • Keep your property well lit. Install motion activated lighting in low traffic areas
  • Plant hardy shrubbery or trees to cover current or potential graffiti areas
  • Keep your property neat and clean - Neglected property often attracts more graffiti vandalism
  • Paint a mural to cover areas that are continuously plagued
  • Use dark colored exterior walls
  • If someone is writing graffiti, call 911 immediately
  • Develop activity programs for at-risk youth
  • Get involved with your local Block Watch or Business Watch programs
Also, read and carry out the recommendations provided under "Prevention First" in the "Graffiti Hurts" web page (http://www.graffitihurts.org/prevention/tipsprevetion.jsp) posted by Keep America Beautiful.

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