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The idea of forming a business improvement area (BIA) came in response to a growing awareness of Downtown Everett's deteriorating condition in the early 1990's. Weeds sprouted from sidewalk cracks, graffiti marred building walls, and garbage containers overflowed with trash. Unless a solution could be found, downtown's future was threatened.

To reverse this trend, downtown supporters saw the formation of a BIA as a time-tested solution—one that could prevent problems as well as respond to them. Thus, a group of active downtown stakeholders—business and property owners, community leaders, and concerned citizens—drafted a new plan of action. This plan now forms the basis of operations for the BIA.

In form and function, the BIA resembles a homeowners association. Each property owner pays an annual assessment for services such as the ongoing maintenance of sidewalks, alleys, and other common areas. These funds are collected by the City of Everett's Finance Department, and are administered by the Downtown Everett Association. Once collected, assessments are put to work making Downtown Everett a clean, safe, and vibrant environment.

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